Yordas Cave - 23 Oct 2022

Yordas Cave - 23 Oct 2022
Cave Yordas Cave
Date 20 Oct 2022
Who Yordas only: Fran, Emmett, Emmett's Grandad, Eve, myself
Yordas & Heron: Ian, Andy, Robin, Kate & Alasdair

We had 2 young people (Eve & Emmett) joining in for this trip for their first time down ladders, along with 2 novice cavers Kate & Alasdair for their first underground SRT trip

We split into different groups.  I was to lead a ladder trip into Yordas middle entrance, while the others did the top entrance and eventually going off to do Heron Pot

First we went into Yordas Cave main chamber to give the youngsters a chance to get their feet wet and see the waterfall coming down the Chapter House.  Despite the initial shock of cold water on their feet, there were still smiles to be had

Smiles at the bottom of the Chapter House in Yordas Cave

We went up to the middle entrance.  We managed to get everyone down the first pitch (using the left-hand side entrance) without a ladder. At the 2nd pitch I setup the ladder and Fran went down first, followed by Emmett & Eve, decending the ladder like pros.  Emmett's grandad and I followed last, then we explored into the main streamway.  

Attaching a lifeline to one of the P-bolts, we were able to one-at-a-time get Eve, then Emmett safely to the pitch head to see the water flowing down into the Chapter House

We then made our way back out

Everyone made it back up the ladder without a hitch, and giving each other a helping hand when needed, we climbed out the top pitch to the surface having had a lot of fun

Ian (pictured above left), Andy, Robin, Kate & Alasdair had done an exchange of the Yordas Pot & Yordas Cave middle entrance, and then headed off to do an exchange trip in Heron Pot