Audit AD GPO changes

Assuming you've already got AD object auditing turned on, the following XML XPath filter can filter the Security log of a DC to only return the events related to AD GPO changes

  <Query Id="0" Path="Security">
    <Select Path="Security">
        System[(EventID=5130 or EventID=5136 or EventID=5137 or EventID=5138 or EventID=4662)]
        EventData[Data[@Name='ObjectClass'] and (Data="groupPolicyContainer")]
        EventData[Data[@Name='ObjectType'] and (Data="%{f30e3bc2-9ff0-11d1-b603-0000f80367c1}")]

You I use this in Event Viewer on a custom view to quickly identify when and who made GPO changes

I made a custom view file for you download and import into Windows Event Viewer

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